Social Media Recruiting: 9 Tips For Success

How to use social media to recruit engineers

The war for talent is more fierce than ever, and companies are increasingly turning to social media to find the right candidates. LinkedIn is the obvious choice for most companies, but other platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook can also be used for recruiting. The key to success is knowing how to use each platform…

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3 Recruitment Strategies with the Best ROI/ROE

Traditional recruitment strategies are no longer enough to fill most positions, let alone high demand/low supply jobs in the engineering profession. The days of determining you have a need, then posting a job and sifting through resumes are long gone. Companies who want to remain competitive and thrive in today’s hiring environment need to look…

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How to Incorporate Networking into Your Engineering Recruitment Strategy

You must ALWAYS be recruiting, and to do that, you need to be where the people you’re trying to recruit are. Networking is a critical component to your engineering recruitment strategy and must be considered part of your long game. The more you network and the longer you do it, the more benefits you will…

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How to Use and Implement an Employee Referral Program to Fill Positions

Engineering, Architecture, and Construction roles can be a real challenge to fill, especially a mid-level (5 to 8 years of experience) role. There are a variety of concepts and strategies that can be used to recruit top engineering talent – but sometimes the greatest candidate can come from a referral within your organization. Let’s take…

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Using Recruitment Marketing to Attract Engineering Candidates in the Pre-Hiring Phase

productivity training

WHAT IS RECRUITMENT MARKETING? Recruitment marketing refers to the tactics used to attract top talent in the pre-applicant phase of hiring. Notably, the notion of attracting candidates borrows best practices from the discipline of marketing, but with prospective employees, rather than customers, as the target audience. This is more important than ever in a competitive…

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The Importance of Managing Your Company’s Reputation

Supply-Chain Recruitment

Recruit and Attract Top Talent, whether you are hiring now or later. Your company’s reputation with clients isn’t just critical to the success of your business, it’s also a major factor in attracting top talent employees to your company. Now is the time to gain clarity around your reputation, whether you are hiring now, or…

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