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2024 Salary Insights for AEC Professionals

Our 2024 Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Salary Survey Reports are designed to equip both job seekers and employers with the most current compensation data, derived from over 150,000 interviews and numerous successful placements. These reports provide invaluable insights to inform your career and hiring strategies. You can access the industry or position(s) of your choice below. You can make multiple selections!

Engineering Professionals - Salary Survey 2024

Salary Report Extras:

Salary Ranges

Detailed low to high salary ranges, tailored by years of experience.

Compensation Factors

Insights into factors that may affect salary levels, such as location, industry trends, and technological advancements.

Wide-Ranging Analysis

Access comprehensive salary reports spanning multiple industries and diverse job titles, ensuring detailed insights for a broad range of engineering roles.

Strategic Questions

Guided questions for employees and employers to facilitate meaningful compensation discussions and negotiations.

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Comprehensive Salary Benchmarking Across Multiple Industries and Roles

Our detailed salary reports encompass a wide range of industries and job titles, ensuring tailored insights for professionals across the engineering sector.

Industries covered include Construction, Architectural, Civil Engineering, Electrical, Mechanical, Geotechnical, and Manufacturing. For job-specific data, our reports feature key positions such as Construction Project Manager, Construction Project Engineer, Estimator, Superintendent, Structural Engineer, Transportation Engineer, Geologist, Mechanical Engineer, and Electrical Engineer.

This extensive coverage provides valuable benchmarks for compensation across various roles and specialties.

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