Recruiting Industrial Engineers

Industrial Engineering


At Enginuity Advantage, we understand the role industrial engineers fill in helping you operate leaner and more efficiently. Recruiting the right candidate with the right background and expertise can have a lasting impact on your business. Because industrial engineers can touch every aspect of an organization, the importance in finding the best person for the job cannot be overstated. We take care of the hard work of connecting you to the perfect candidate to fit your organization.


We eliminate the hassle of trying to find your own applicants by doing all the recruiting legwork for you. We use our specialized expertise in engineering recruitment to bring you the best industrial engineering candidates available.


Because we have more than 25 years of recruiting experience, our team understands the intricacies of the various engineering disciplines. We’re well-equipped to find the right candidate to fit your needs. We will send you excellent, highly-qualified candidates with educational backgrounds and career experience specific to industrial engineering, matched perfectly to your organization.

Why Use Enginuity?


We Have The Specialized Experience You Need:

Our recruitment methods have been carefully refined through decades of experience. Because we focus on recruiting engineers, we have an understanding of industrial engineering that other recruiters lack. Our commitment is to bring you the perfect candidate, and to make the process as effortless for you as possible.


Our Engineering Recruitment Process:

At Enginuity, we believe that people are our greatest asset. Because of our strengths in communication and relationship-building, we can draw from an extensive referral-based network to find the perfect fit for your organization. We hand-select our candidates to ensure that they have the right skills, experience, values and personality to integrate into your existing team. As soon as you choose Enginuity as your recruiting partner, we hit the ground running.


Our Industry Knowledge Is Second To None:

Finding the right industrial engineer doesn’t stop at reviewing resumes. As part of our process, we learn all we can about your company and your needs. We meet with your team and get to know their expectations and the role the candidate will fill. This information helps us match your organization to outstanding candidates from our vast recruitment network.


Our Promise To You:

Because we do the hard recruitment work for you, you’ll save time and productivity. We will bring you the best industrial engineering candidates, carefully matched to your company culture and expectations. You’ll meet with only top qualified finalists ready to quickly step into the position to keep your organization running smoothly. We will even train your team on how to conduct more effective interviews. Nobody will work harder on behalf of your company than Enginuity.

How To Work With Enginuity

Simple, call us or email us.

Types of Industrial Engineer Recruiting

Professional Search:

Our recruiting experts will equip you with the professionals you need. Empower your search with recruiters who have access to a network of local and global contacts. Enginuity Advantage prides itself on taking on the toughest search challenges and find the talent that otherwise would not be found.


Contract Placement:

We offer flexible solutions to meet your changing needs. As your needs change, you need a business with the ability to customize its services. Together, we will develop a strategic and tactical approach to solving your hiring challenges.


We stay with you beyond the hiring decision to offer our support and to ensure complete satisfaction. We promise your satisfaction by offering an agreed upon, custom guarantee at the beginning of our search engagement. Because we are confident in our abilities and committed to your success, we will work together to make sure you win, no matter what.


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