The Ripple Effect Philosophy:

We believe recruiting takes a long term view due to the ripple effect it has on families and businesses. Employees are your business, and recruiting needs to be informed by a deep, long-term strategy that provides the best success to employer and employee now and into the future.


What Makes Us Different?

  1. Specialization = Specialized in Engineering and engineering support roles.
  2. Fit = In depth study of your company's culture, values, and goals to ensure good fit.
  3. People that stay = When we place people, they stay.


The Enginuity Way:

This is a philosophy and process about onboarding, learning, communication, and follow up to ensure when we place people, they stay. Out of over 150 thousand interviews and thousands of guaranteed placements we know the small touches that make the work we do special and unique to your needs, rather than throwing resumes at a position.


1. The In Depth Study:

We get to know you as a company to ensure we understand more than just the technical position details. We look at your hiring practices and history, the culture on of your company, the department they would be working with, even the teammates and leaders they will be working with to ensure more than a technical skill fit, but a truly holistic fit. We have done over 150k interviews and seen the ripple effect of good and bad hiring decisions. We know what to ask to make sure you get the best results. This is where we get the best out of you, so we can effectively market this opportunity to candidates.


2. Search Analysis:

Using our experience and specialization in the engineering field we research the market, the competition, and initial candidate options. We give you clear timelines, and the deliverables you can expect along with an agreement of how we will move forward. We help set expectations for the scope of the search, an accurate look at the process, and realistic expectations of timelines and results.


3. Develop Custom Research Specifics:

We develop and go through a custom 20 step sourcing plan to find the right candidates for you so we start with a good healthy pool of options. Our experience and specialization in this industry gives us insights into how to develop this sourcing plan to make sure it uses the best tools for your needs. We don’t just use the same tools you already have access to, we dive much deeper.


4. Candidate Outreach:

We follow a strategic and persistent 7 step outreach process across multiple platforms to ensure we get interviews rather than "call and if they don’t answer the first time move on" that is typical in our industry.


5. Internal Candidate Selection Process:

We go through a very strict and intense customized multi-step process of prescreening, custom full screening, custom fit assessments, custom internal interviews, and reference checking. We do this work so that only the BEST candidates will be presented to you.


6. Candidate Presentation:

You will be presented with a full interview process for between 2-3 of the very best candidates we find for the position. You will get an interview brief with all the relevant information you need and ensure you have a game plan and a process in place for the interview. In addition, for each candidate we help schedule those interviews to ensure no opportunities are missed.


7. Offer Phase:

Following the interviews we help you with debriefing and learning from the interviews, completing final screening and verifications, helping you make an offer, go through negotiations, and come to a final decision.


8. Post Placement:

After a position is filled, we don’t just disappear. Instead, we continue working with you and your new hire to ensure there is a good fit and the placement is successful with periodic check-ins over the next 6 months. It is all about getting the right person for you so they stay and you don’t have to go through the hiring process again.

How To Work With Enginuity

Simple, call us or email us.