Recruiting Civil Engineers

Civil Engineering


As civil engineering recruiters, we understand that civil engineering is a broad category – structural, environmental, geotechnical, water resources, transportation, etc. Finding the RIGHT civil engineer hinges on a firm understanding of the civil engineering space. Trust us, we have you covered. We are civil engineering recruitment experts.


We have built deep connections over decades in the field, so we can take your civil engineering recruiting to a new level. Finding the right candidate doesn’t happen by posting on a job board. It takes strategy, planning, and a dedicated focus on finding the right person.


Our staff has a firm understanding of the intricacies of the civil engineering industry. You will NEVER see a candidate from us who doesn’t meet the technical needs of the role.

Why Use Enginuity?


We Have The Experience You’re Looking For:

Most recruiters have little understanding of how civil engineering connects to the big picture ‘world’ of engineering. We don’t mess around. We have decades of experience, training, and networking built up to find the RIGHT civil engineer for your business. Whether you’re looking for environmental engineering recruitment, structural engineering recruitment, transportation engineering recruitment, or some other discipline within the civil engineering field, we know how to find and to attract the engineers that you need.


Our Process: The Enginuity Way:

Enginuity will not throw civil engineers at a position and hope that something sticks. We have a proven success formula developed through tens of thousands of interviews (just with civil engineers) to make sure the company and the candidates are well-aligned. We dive into the nitty-gritty by meeting with and understanding the candidates. We make sure they have the personality, values, skills, communication, and habits you need in your organization. By the time you see a candidate, we already know they will be an asset to your company. High-touch personal service and quality candidates are what clients can expect from us.


We Are A True Partner:

Successful civil engineering recruiting doesn’t happen by only understanding a candidate. We work our tail off to understand your company to ensure the candidate actually fits. That includes understanding who your new hire will be working with, expectations, long-term goals, and many other facets. In fact, Enginuity will even train your team on how to put the best foot forward, how to conduct more effective interviews, and how to clearly define the position.


We Make Your Life Easier:

Many companies have experienced a recruiter sending them tons of resumes and claiming, “they are helping fill the position,” when all they are doing is making more work for you...we don’t do that. We actually do the work you hire us to do with clear timelines, clear communication, and clear outcomes. By the time you sit down with a potential candidate there have been dozens of hours spent in searching, interviewing, testing, and reviewing civil engineers so YOU don’t have to.


We Are The Civil Engineering Experts You Can Trust:

Not to toot our own horn but we are great at finding great candidates. Your ideal civil engineer isn’t going through job boards looking for you. Instead, through an intensive marketing strategy, we identify, attract, and influence prospective candidates to entertain the possibility that there is a position worth their time to consider. We do that, and we do it well.

How To Work With Enginuity

Simple, call us or email us.

Types of Civil Engineer Recruiting

Professional Search:

Our recruiting experts will equip you with the professionals you need. Empower your search with recruiters who have access to a network of local and global contacts. Enginuity Advantage prides itself on taking on the toughest search challenges and find the talent that otherwise would not be found.


Contract Placement:

We offer flexible solutions to meet your changing needs. As your needs change, you need a business with the ability to customize its services. Together, we will develop a strategic and tactical approach to solving your hiring challenges.


We stay with you beyond the hiring decision to offer our support and to ensure complete satisfaction. We promise your satisfaction by offering an agreed upon, custom guarantee at the beginning of our search engagement. Because we are confident in our abilities and committed to your success, we will work together to make sure you win, no matter what.


It is easy to talk a good game, so here is what our clients have to say in their own words.