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Hiring Tips

Utilizing a Due Diligence Checklist is Crucial when Hiring Engineers

Following a due diligence checklist when hiring is critical for any role within your organization, and it is often something that gets overlooked in companies that don’t have clear processes and procedures for hiring new employees. The results of overlooking this final step in your hiring process can be devastating. As you know, adding people…

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Resume Writing Tips for Engineers

Whether you’re looking to make a change in your engineering career or not, your resume acts as a wonderful tool of reflection and planning. It’s the perfect time of year to review your professional accomplishments, projects, and new skills and to document them while they’re fresh in your mind. It’s also an opportunity to review…

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3 Steps for Hiring the Best Engineers

I’ve had the honor of being involved with recruiting engineers for hundreds of companies who were seeking to hire over the last 20 years. And no doubt about it, the demand for skilled Engineers is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, the supply is not nearly as high. If you are going to hire the best…

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Four Ways To Kick Interviewer Bias To The Curb

CULTURAL FIT? PRICELESS. It’s awesome to see a new recruit acing their first week on the job. They’re thriving. Already connecting with clients and colleagues. Meshing well. It’s evident they’re aligned with the company mission and philosophy. Job well done, recruiter. The thing is—hiring for cultural fit often gets a bad rap. There’s a misconception…

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Hiring for Cultural Fit vs. Diversity: Laying the Debate to Rest

DEFINING CULTURAL FIT AND DIVERSITY THE RIGHT WAY CAN LEAD TO HIGH PERFORMING TEAMS Get a group of recruiters together to discuss hiring for “cultural fit” and get ready for a heated discussion. Companies need to hire for diversity, not conformity, some will say. However, hiring for cultural fit and diversity needn’t be mutually exclusive recruitment…

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Finding & Hiring Engineers that Fit Your Company Culture

Much has been written about why companies should foster a distinctive culture. For organizations of all sizes, thoughtful investment in company culture helps retain the best talent and drive stronger results. UNDERSTANDING COMPANY CULTURE IN THE HIRING PROCESS Not only does paying attention to cultural fit when hiring result in happier, more productive employees, it…

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