Why Employee Retention Is Important

Employee retention is a critical aspect of organizational success, impacting productivity, morale, and overall business health. High retention rates indicate a stable, satisfied workforce, which directly contributes to the long-term success of a company. Here’s why retaining employees is so crucial: Cost Efficiency Retaining employees significantly reduces costs associated with recruiting, hiring, and training new…

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A.I. is Transforming the Tech Industry: Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Opportunities

A.I. is Transforming the Tech Industry - Line of robots on computers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a driving force in reshaping the tech industry, offering a variety of benefits while also posing challenges that need to be addressed. By focusing on the positive aspects and strategies to overcome these hurdles, companies can fully capitalize on the potential that AI brings to the table. Embracing Opportunities for…

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What is Quiet Quitting and Why Companies are Worried About It

man in suit leaving office holding box

The business world is evolving, as are employees’ demands and preferences. One of the recent trends in the job market is “Quiet Quitting”, which has been causing a lot of concern among employers. Quiet quitting refers to employees leaving their jobs without giving any indication to their employer or coworkers. This trend is becoming more…

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How to Align Your Architecture Firm with Client Needs

How to Align Your Architect Firm with Client Needs

How to Align Your Architecture Firm with Client Needs Creating a successful architecture firm is more than just having great designs; it’s also about understanding and meeting your client’s needs. Aligning your architecture firm with your client’s needs can be difficult, but it’s essential for fostering a positive relationship and building a successful business. Let’s…

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How do I Increase Revenue for my Architecture and Engineering Firm?

increasing revenue for architecture and engineering firm

Looking to increase revenue for your architecture or engineering firm? Check out these top strategies! Are you looking to increase the revenue for your architecture or engineering firm? If so, you are not alone! Many firms in the architecture and engineering space are looking for ways to maximize their profits and remain competitive. Fortunately, there…

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Why Creating a Coaching Culture is Key to Recruiting & Retention Success

Recruiting and retention challenges remain among the most concerning for companies that hire engineering professionals. In speaking with many of our clients, attracting and retaining talent is their greatest concern as they look to the future. It was projected that the Millennial generation would make up 48% of our workforce by 2020. By the year…

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Employee Feedback is the Key to Becoming a Better Leader and Creating an Amazing Culture within Your Organization

We all know the saying, “You can’t fix it if you don’t know it’s broken.” Lack of knowledge, self-awareness, and personal bias create blind spots in our businesses and our lives, and blind spots are a recipe for disaster. If you change lanes when someone is in your blind spot while driving…the outcome is not…

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The Importance of Managing Your Company’s Reputation

Supply-Chain Recruitment

Recruit and Attract Top Talent, whether you are hiring now or later. Your company’s reputation with clients isn’t just critical to the success of your business, it’s also a major factor in attracting top talent employees to your company. Now is the time to gain clarity around your reputation, whether you are hiring now, or…

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