The Do’s and Don’ts of Engineering Job Descriptions

The Do's and Don'ts of Engineering Job Descriptions

In today’s engineering job market, 77% of employers worldwide are finding it difficult to fill open job roles, which represents a 17-year-high talent shortage.  The creation of an effective job description has never been more crucial. A job description serves as more than just a notice of vacancy—it’s a pivotal component of your hiring strategy,…

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Engineering Recruitment: The Importance of Soft Skills Assessment

Engineering Recruitment The Importance of Soft Skills Assessment

In the precision-driven realm of engineering, technical prowess has long been the gold standard of recruitment. However, as projects grow in complexity and workplaces become more collaborative, soft skills are emerging as critical differentiators in a crowded field. In fact, 92% of talent professionals assert that soft skills are equally or more important than hard…

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