Civil Engineering Jobs

Civil Engineering


Civil engineering is a vast category that serves some of society’s most important infrastructure needs. At Enginuity Advantage we appreciate the critical role you fill, and that’s why we want to be your trusted partner in finding civil engineering jobs that fit your expectations. Our knowledge of and specialty in the engineering field means that we know how to go the extra mile for you.


We don’t just find you a job. We work closely within our immense referral-based network to find you the right job. It’s our commitment to our candidates that puts Enginuity Advantage head-and-shoulders above job boards and general recruiters. We take the time to get to know you, then we carefully match you to outstanding civil engineering jobs that meet and exceed your expectations for growth opportunities, compensation, and long-term career development.


We have over 25 years of experience in the engineering recruiting space, and we want to put that expertise to work for you. Whether you’re looking for a job in your area or you want to relocate nationally or globally, we can find the right position for you. And we’ll be with you at every step from your first contact with us, until after you’ve been placed in your dream job and beyond.

Why Use Enginuity?


You Aren’t Just A Business Transaction:

Here at Enginuity Advantage, we truly believe in the Ripple Effect. Helping you find the right civil engineering job isn’t just what we’re paid to do, it’s something we are passionate about. Your career choices don’t just affect you, they affect your family and loved ones. That’s why we don’t take your trust in us lightly; we work hard to earn that trust.


A Job Isn’t Just A Paycheck:

Enginuity understands that financial compensation isn’t the only thing that matters when you’re looking for a new career opportunity. That’s why we go above and beyond in finding you a position at an employer with a great team that you’ll fit seamlessly into, a team that shares the same passion you have for your work. You won’t find that kind of personal touch on an internet job board.


We Know Civil Engineering:

Enginuity truly specializes in engineering recruitment, and that means we have a far better understanding of the many sub-disciplines and types of civil engineering jobs available than any general recruiter. Whether you specialize in structural, environmental, transportation, geotechnical or any other category of civil engineering, Enginuity wants to be your job search partner.


Relationships Matter:

You don’t build an extensive network of industry contacts like ours without developing relationships and building trust. Enginuity stands on the strength of our commitment to our clients and on the dedication we provide to our candidates. You can expect that same dedication when we work on your behalf to find the perfect civil engineering jobs. We aim to knock the ball out of the park… every single time.

How To Work With Enginuity

Simple, call us or email us.