Exploring Specialized Civil Engineering Fields: Which One is Right for You?

Exploring Specialized Civil Engineering Fields: Which One is Right for You?

Understanding Civil Engineering Specialization

A civil engineering specialization is a focused area within the broader field of civil engineering that deals with specific operations, materials, or objects. As civil engineering encompasses a wide range of infrastructure projects, it is beneficial for professionals to have in-depth knowledge of a particular area. Students usually choose a specialization after selecting a civil engineering major in their degree program. Post-graduation, they can either pursue a higher degree in their specialization or enter the workforce in their chosen niche.

Diverse Specializations in Civil Engineering

Structural Engineering
Structural engineering students learn to design large structures and ensure their functionality during high winds and natural disasters, such as earthquakes. They study the gravitational properties of a structure to determine its load-bearing capacity, which allows them to create support mechanisms through beams and columns. Graduates in this field often specialize further in building, bridge design, or aircraft engineering.

Construction Engineering and Management
This specialization teaches students the design principles of construction, building code regulations, and operation steps for a project. They learn how to manage a project’s resources and equipment, construct buildings that are safe, functional, and sustainable, and organize each construction process step, including timeline creation, materials inventory maintenance, and budget preparation.

Geotechnical Engineering
Geotechnical engineering involves the study of rocks, soil, and any artificial materials that support a system. Students learn about the chemical properties of earth materials, which allows them to design pavement structures and predict whether a natural slope can handle additional weight.

Environmental Engineering
Environmental engineering students learn how to reduce the overall impact of an artificial system on the world’s ecosystem and manage natural resources for a construction project. They study the chemical properties of water, soil, and air to design technical mechanisms that solve pollution issues.

Transportation Engineering
Transportation engineering students learn how to design networking systems used for traveling purposes, including railroads, subways, airways, and seaways. They study how to develop infrastructure to help people move between locations safely and efficiently.

Water Resources Engineering
Water resources engineering involves developing infrastructure for safe drinking water in towns and cities. Students learn the hydrologic cycle, which is how water molecules move between the atmosphere and the earth over time.

Materials Engineering
This specialization involves the study of all items and components required for a construction project, such as wood, steel, and concrete. Materials engineering students learn the chemical properties of these items, which allows them to determine the best possible materials for a project or adjust them on an atomic level.

Average Salaries for Civil Engineering Specializations

Salaries for civil engineering specializations vary based on an individual’s education level, work experience, and geographical location. Here are the average salaries for the above civil engineering specializations and related professions in Snohomish County, WA:

  • Water Resources Engineer: $71,331 per year
  • Geotechnical Engineer: $85,036 per year
  • Environmental Engineer: $87,388 per year
  • Transportation Planner: $88,515 per year
  • Structural Engineer: $94,275 per year
  • Construction Manager: $102,672 per year
  • Materials Engineer: $103,079 per year
  • Hydraulic Engineer: $103,165 per year

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