Engineering Job Posting Guide

Psst… We have the inside intel! Enginuity Advantage has collected information from our 20+ year experience in hiring, and market research, to create the ULTIMATE guide to creating an attention-grabbing job ad.

Tired of advertising for your new engineering position and receiving unqualified or misaligned applicants? Wondering if your job description is set up to successfully attract candidates who are truly excited about the opportunity, your company and what you can accomplish together? Stop wondering!

If you’re looking to attract the best engineering talent, you must make a compelling case for why your opportunity is better than your competitors. Recruiting IS marketing. Period. The information contained in our free PDF can be a powerful resource for navigating today’s highly competitive market. At Enginuity Advantage our only goal is to serve you, and we hope that you’ll find this information to be both valuable and informative.