Lead Environmental Scientist

Enginuity Advantage - Everett, WA

Experienced Environmental Scientist level

  • Level III or IV
  • This person will be a Task Leader- closer to a PM or even a PM level
  • Need someone that can lead tasks and grow into a client facing role
  • Ideally:
    • Someone good at building hazardous material type work
    • Investigation research type work around hazardous
    • This person can also be an Environmental planner that does a lot of documentation on the hazardous side of environmental.


    • POSITION RESPONSIBILITES- This person’s time split between:
      • 30% field
      • 60% office
      • 10% admin, meetings with project teams and training and development opportunitiesThese percentages can changed seasonally or based on client’s needs
      • Responsible for developing task orders scope of work and budgets with some supervision
      • Organizing field programs to go out and collect env field data
      • Involved in permit document development to support NEPA SEPA actions that perteets going through on behalf of clients
      • Writing phase 1 and phase 2 env site assessment docs
      • Writing documents and doing project billable work, coordination, supporting sr PM
      • Administration, in direct training and development opportunities, meetings with project teams


    • The teams they will work closely with are the environmental services team as well as Public works infrastructure engineering teams (interfacing Mid-level engineers, senior civil engineers to support their projects)




    BA is REQUIRED – geology, soil science, climate background.

    Certification will be expected as a development goal for whoever comes in

    Able to get certs.

    • UST Site assessor (international fire code) – UST
    • Ahera (asbestos hazard- for doing building assessments)
    • Biological sciences (particularly for junior person)
    • health and safety training HAZ 40 hour


    • They have flex hours and remote opportunities, can work either in Seattle or Everett
    • THEIR CURRENT TEAM IS ALL OVER WA: Anacortes, Duval, gig harbor, south Seattle
    • They want to see the team LIVE a couple times a month. Other than that, there’s no HARD POLICIES about in-office work.