We stay with you beyond the hiring decision to offer our support and to ensure complete satisfaction. We promise your satisfaction by offering an agreed upon, custom guarantee at the beginning of our search engagement. Because we are confident in our abilities and committed to your success, we will work together to make sure you win, no matter what.


Screening Services

Criminal Background Checks

We can provide you with a comprehensive criminal background check to ensure that your business is protected. 


The "fit" element of a potential new employee is critical to their success and yours. We have a variety of tests available to assist you with your hiring decision. 

Reference Checking

In today’s competitive job market‚ being certain that resume information is factual and the candidate is suitable for the position is essential.



One of the most common areas of resume fraud occurs in the embellishment of the applicant’s education. We contact the institution or state that granted the degree, license or certification to verify validity


We will create an evaluation series for each position and test each candidate accordingly making sure they have the required skills for the job.